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Youthful Millennial African American Brand Video Voiceover

With a working background in healthcare, education, military intelligence, cross-cultural exchange, and hospitality, as well being a Master of Business Administration (MBA), DJ is fully prepared to breathe life into your brand video.

If you need a youthful, millennial African American storyteller, an authoritative and confident tone, an emotional and understated read, or the timeless conversational and friendly delivery, then booking DJ Dykes for your brand video voiceover is a no-brainer!

Why Do You Need a Professional Voiceover for Your Brand Video?
What is a "Brand Video"?
A "brand video voiceover" is like the friendly narrator that brings a brand's story to life. It's not just about talking about products; it's about infusing the brand's personality, values, and uniqueness into every word.

Picture it as a storytelling buddy for the brand, guiding you through the narrative with a voice that matches the brand's vibe. The visuals in a brand video, like colors, logos, and designs, are the brand's signature style—they're what you instantly recognize.

Now, let's talk about storytelling. In the world of brand videos, storytelling is the magic ingredient. It's the art of weaving together moments, emotions, and values to create a narrative that captivates the audience. A compelling story in a brand video isn't just a sequence of events; it's a journey that sparks connection and resonates with viewers. The brand video voiceover is like the storyteller, adding that personal touch that makes the brand's tale memorable.

These voiceovers aren't a one-time gig; they're the consistent voice across social media, websites, and events, making sure the brand's message is heard loud and clear.

So, when you hear a brand video voiceover, it's like having a friendly chat, getting to know the brand's backstory, understanding what makes them tick, and maybe even sharing a few laughs. It's the secret sauce that builds a strong connection between the brand and its audience.
What are the elements of a GREAT youthful brand video?
  1. Heartfelt Story: Imagine your brand video as a vibrant storybook. Share the moments that make your brand unique—like its origin story or the exciting journey it's been on. It's about creating a connection that's as lively as your brand.
  2. Friendly Faces: Give a cheerful shoutout to the faces behind the brand with a wave. Let your audience see the real people who bring the brand to life. It's like saying, "We're here for you, and we're ready to have some fun!"
  3. Vibrant Visuals: Splash in color and creativity! Use visuals that pop—logos, designs, and scenes that reflect the energetic personality of your brand. It's like giving your video a signature style that's as lively as a dance party.
  4. Feel-Good Vibes: Infuse your video with positivity. Whether it's a touch of humor, inspiring moments, or just good vibes, make sure your brand video leaves people feeling happy and connected. It's like throwing a lively celebration!
  5. Relatable Moments: Share stories or situations that your audience, especially the younger crowd, can relate to. It's like saying, "We get your vibe, and we're in sync with the energy." Relatable moments build a genuine connection.
  6. Catchy Music: Add a soundtrack that's like the heartbeat of your video. Something catchy that sets the mood and adds an extra layer of fun or emotion. It's the musical sidekick to your brand's lively story.
  7. Voiceover Magic: Now, here's where the youthful magic happens! A great youthful voiceover is like the lively storyteller, guiding your audience through the journey with an energetic and inviting tone. It's the voice that makes your brand's story truly captivating for the younger crowd.
  8. Call to Adventure (CTA): Wrap it up with an energetic call to adventure. What's the next step in this lively journey? Whether it's exploring your website, trying out a product, or just joining the lively vibes, guide your viewers on the next part of the energetic adventure.
DJ’s voice acting technique is his hallmark; he uses his life experiences as “filters” to uniquely color his reads. His keen voice acting instincts help deliver brand video voice overs in a way that holds the audience’s attention. While his vocal style may not be everyone’s cup of tea, you can be sure you’re getting a 100% authentic, emotive, and REAL point-of-view — not just a warm body reading lines.

DJ has voiced over a hundred brand video projects large and small, in industries such as education, healthcare, government, non-profit, automotive, and QSR. His brand video voice over clients include Michigan Medicine Yamaha, Applied Material, The Great Lakes Water Authority, Labster, and Binance.

If you need a youthful millennial storyteller, an authoritative and confident tone, an emotional and understated read, or the timeless conversational and friendly delivery, then booking DJ Dykes for your brand video voiceover is a no-brainer! If you’re ready to book DJ or request a custom audition, reach out today!
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