Real African American / AAPI Millennial VoiceoverS

DJ's Unique Demographic Background

DJ Dykes is a biracial (Black & Filipino) American male voiceover actor with a remarkably diverse demographic background that makes him an outstanding choice for your voiceover casting.

He is an older African American & AAPI millennial whose voice leans towards Generation Z. He regularly books in the 25-35 age range. He has a remarkable ability to resonate authentically with your African American audience or speak more inclusively to a wider audience.

DJ is a disabled US Air Force veteran.

DJ Dykes African American American Male Voiceover Actor who is a disabled USAF veteran

DJ's Voice Style & References

Voiceover Genre Specializations
DJ is a natural storyteller. Whether it's a commercial, a corporate narration, a tech explainer, in-show narration, promo, improv, or e-learning, he is the go-to voiceover artist.

Backed by a stout portfolio of Fortune 500 brands such as McDonald’s, Kellogg’s, and Walmart, and coached & vetted by some of the industry's most prolific, DJ continues to make his presence known. Choose DJ for your next project!.

He is available for live sessions via Source Connect Standard, Zoom, phone patch, and MS Teams.

Vocal Styles
Contemporary Contemporary Realness, Uplifting Warmth, Millennial with Gen Z Vibes, authentic, authoritative, confident, textured, and masculine with raspiness and gravitas.

DJ is Millennial-friendly, Gen X-approved, and Gen Z-ready.

Looking for an African American or AAPI with an engaging and authoritative sound? DJ is reliable, professional, and down-to-earth, with a diverse educational background and expertise in various fields.

Need an African American male voiceover to deliver your message with energy and vibrancy? DJ is youthful, animated, and enthusiastic, with a bright personality.

Whether you're looking for an African American voice over with a trendy and urban flair, a professional and corporate sound, or a luxurious and stylish touch, DJ's got you covered!

With his unique point-of-view, strong improv ability and acting chops, and contemporary sound, he is THE African American AAPI biracial male voice over actor for your project.

Voiceover Celebrity/Public Figure
DJ is an African American voice actor who sounds like Barack Obama, Kenan Thompson, Keegan-Michael Key, Wayne Brady, John Legend, Will Smith, Michael B. Jordan, Deven Terrell, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Gabe Kunda, Omari Hardwick, Anthony Mackie, Eric Andre.

Political Ad Voiceovers

Need an African American/AAPI/BIPOC Political Ad Campaign Voiceover?
If you're looking for a dynamic and versatile voiceover for your political ad campaign, choose DJ Dykes. He is a genuine stakeholder in a large number of social demographics—this means he tells your story from his real point-of-view.

With his youthful and optimistic tone, DJ can effectively communicate your PSA to a wide range of audiences, including millennials, Gen Zers, and even Gen Xers. As an African American/AAPI/BIPOC voice talent, DJ's voice resonates across generational gaps and can speak to your target audience, regardless of their political affiliations.

Although primarily sought after for left-leaning spots, DJ's voiceovers are non-partisan

DJ can tell campaign stories produced for both Republicans and Democrats, and Progressives and Conservatives.

In addition, whether you're producing ads for African American, AAPI, military, veteran-centric, or mission-driven advocacy groups, DJ can perform a compelling and impactful voiceover that will help elevate your campaign above the political noise.

Trust DJ with your campaign voiceover needs and witness the power of his storytelling.

DJ Outside of Voiceover

DJ founded the YouTube channel, Keratin Brotherhood, a men's hair loss channel uniquely targeted toward black and ethnic men. It was one of the most viewed men’s hair loss channels globally from 2018-2020.
He is a competitive soft-tipped darts player, a talent he discovered while moonlighting at bar in Jeju-do, South Korea.